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About Us

Reckon Teckstone are pioneers of the furniture and laminate industries with an illustrious experience of 15 years. Our team is experienced, professional and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to providing the best of solutions in different spheres like production, sales and technical solutions. We put a lot of emphasis on building a team which is reliable and like a family to us. They help in planning and executing futuristic ideas with great efficiency.

Apart from being experts of the furniture and laminate industries, Reckon Teckstone also has a well established Aluminium Foils Processing factory which has been running efficiently for the last 10 years. The Aluminium Foils helps us spread our wings further in the surface decor sector as we supply decorative Aluminium foils to more than 50 Laminate industries across the world.
Reckon Teckstone strongly believes that the success of any business lies in its power to contantly innovate and evolve, and so we have a specialized team who constantly strive hard in the Research and Development department to develop designs, trends, and concepts which are not only never seen before but also have the capability to leave the customer in a state of awe.
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